From National Queen to Hunger Hero: Miss Queen Canada and Nature's Path Organic Foods Join Forces in Promoting Food Security

From National Queen to Hunger Hero: Miss Queen Canada and Nature's Path Organic Foods Join Forces in Promoting Food Security

Nourishing our community’s well-being, one cereal box at a time.

As Miss Queen Canada 2023 and the founder of Hunger Heroes Canada, I am delighted to share the heartwarming results of our September initiative: "Community Pantries & Student Support." Our mission was simple - to nourish our community, raise awareness about food insecurity, and to share about available resources, such as community pantries and food banks, to those in need.

Teaming up with Nature's Path Organic Foods, we stocked community pantries in Vancouver and its surroundings with over 120+ boxes of their nutritious and healthy cereal. In doing so, this brought awareness to these community-led pantries, how others can help in the battle against food insecurity, and supporting individuals who are struggling with food insecurity.

What is a community pantry? A community pantry is a shared, public space where individuals and businesses can donate surplus food, and anyone can access it for free. They’re open 24/7 and rely on community contributions to stay stocked.


We visited and stocked the community pantries:

Mount Pleasant Community Fridge (273 E 4th Ave, Vancouver)

Hastings – Sunrise Local Open Access Fridge (2297 E Hastings St, Vancouver)

Victoria Drive Community Fridge & Pantry – Alleyway (4040 Victoria Dr, Vancouver)

Burnaby Community Fridge #3 & Pantry (3426 Smith Ave, Burnaby)

Video Recap of the Community Pantry and Food Bank Restock


Food insecurity can affect anyone. Therefore, as students were returning from the summer break, a portion of Nature’s Path Organic Foods’ cereal was donated to the AMS UBC student food bank, offering support to students in need. This initiative also promoted students' well-being and educating them on how to join the movement in becoming a #HungerHeroes in their community while continuing the conversation about the link between food insecurity and mental health; my keynote presentation to the UBC Mental Health Initiative in March.

We were able to reach further and feed not only the bodies, but also the spirits of those in need. Nature’s Path Organic Foods’ dedication to wholesome, organic goodness mirrors my commitment to fostering a healthier, fuller, and more sustainable future for all with regards to food security through my platform, Hunger Heroes Canada.

Together, we’re sowing the seeds of positive change and nourishing our community’s well-being! A heartfelt thanks to Natures Path Organic Foods for your generosity and kind support towards this initiative.

Nature's Path's website:


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