Brynn is a 16 year old, raised as a city girl, and was recently introduced to country life. Now living in a small town, Brynn has experienced many new aspects of life, but still thrives in her love of fashion, event planning, and writing.

With a future goal of working in the field of psychology, Brynn dedicates many of her school events, time, and volunteer projects to furthering our youth’s knowledge of mental health. In the future she hopes to build a system in which therapy can be provided to youth who do not get the opportunity to experience the incredible impacts therapy provides, because of various limitations or restrictions.

Although Brynn’s Pageant Journey has just begun, with winning the title “Miss Teen Personality of Northern BC” She will spend a lifetime completing her goals and striving to create a bigger and brighter future through our youth each and every day.

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My advocacy

My platform is providing therapy to youth who cannot afford it. Although Benefits and many organizations can provide funding or even free therapy, there is often a long waitlist, and after being waitlisted, there is no guarantee to end up with the same councillor.

My goal is one that can take a lifetime to complete. The final goal is to have multiple clinics that work with "Project SHIP" (Sharing, Healing, Inspiring and Progressing) that implements that each councillor takes on one or more clients a week through this program that ensures youth are receiving regular, and impactful therapy.

So far my project has just begun—I have a game plan set and now, I am prepping for our first big leap! I have begun raising awareness and gaining support with allies on this project, through various volunteer opportunities within our community, and setting the table to partner with various psychology clinics.

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Any fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

-I am a graduate of the RCMP Youth Academy Troop 20. It was one of the greatest experiences I've had and it taught me so much. It was a week in which we spent overnight at the school sleeping on cots. We would wake up at 6 AM and go for a 5K run before doing the rest of our studies and drills. We ended our days at 11PM. I was the youngest in my troop by a year and a half and was the troop co-captain!

-I work every summer at Ness Lake Bible Camp, I have worked a variety of roles, but am proud to say that I am the youngest team member to ever work senior team at 15 years old. But currently I am a cabin leader and I enjoy every second I get to spend with my campers, zip lining, tubing, and participating in chapel.

-I love reading and writing and all the cozy things that come with it. Most of these things include fuzzy blankets, baking, apple cider, and snuggling with my dogs. Although I am currently trying to build a plant army, I have currently killed almost every plant that has had the unfortunate experience of being put in my care.

-My favourite class is theatre, I have so far preformed in 3 productions, one of them being a western where I played the main villain. At the start that was very far outside my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it at the end!

-I have three pugs and I love them all dearly. I think their faces are so funny and they give me so much joy each day.

What is your favourite area of competition?

Fun Fashion, it’s incredible to see how creative people can get!

What's next for you in pageantry?

My next Goal is Nationals 2024!

I competed in Nationals 2023 and came so close. Now it's time to give it another shot now that I have more experience and a team to support me!

What advice would you give someone hoping to become your successor?

Congratulations in taking another step towards your goals and future! Taking the first step and applying yourself is always the most difficult task and is always 100% worth it.

Taking apart in a sisterhood can be one of the most incredible and life changing events. It is one of the best feelings in the world to have, knowing you have an. entire group of women behind you (including myself) ready to build you up and help you achieve your goals. But if I had any advice, it would be this:

Do not hesitate to lean on your sisters. Independence is absolutely valued and necessary to become a queen, but so is leaning, empowering, and lifting up your fellow sisters. It is okay to ask for help, ask for ideas, and even reach out to our queens and delegates that have had more experience. Build relationships and recognize when a task could be better with the help of others.

Have a game-plan for your platform. And not just a short term plan of the events you are going to plan. Have a final goal, a point of all of this. Something you can complete and be proud of. For example: maybe you want to start a charity of your own, or maybe you hope to become an advocate for your platform. Whether your goal is to fundraise a total amount of money or change the way our health care system works, both are an end goal.

Do not be shot down by the people who don't want/need to work with you. I struggled with small things like sponsors and it was really hard to keep pushing for recognition and support. For one sponsor I wanted, I emailed, wrote letters and met them in person. It was still a no. And that's okay! Be persistent with your sponsors and people you want to work with, but when it dosnt work out, take a step back and know that it was not you, it just wasn't the right time.


I want to thank a very special sponsor, Jill Tulloch! You can find her on instagram at @Jill_evolutionstudio

She was a major sponsor for me and she's absolutely incredible! Her studio is in Calgary, Alberta.