Charlotte is a women's health advocate, university student, founder of 'Charlotte's Women's Health Hub', and pink enthusiast!  She brings her upbeat, enthusiastic and inspired spirit to everything she pours her heart into.

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Charlotte's first hand experiences dealing with premenstrual dysmorphic disorder and chronic migraines made clear to her that change in the women's health space was necessary. Knowing she was not alone in the isolation, dismissal and pain she felt dealing with uniquely women's experiences in health, she was inspired to become the change her fifteen year old self needed; this year, Charlotte brought her passion project to life by creating and founding 'Charlotte's Women's Health Hub', her blog style platform where she shares her own story, magnifies other women's voices, and shares and creates resources to help women become their healthiest and happiest self. She is on a mission to create a safe space for women to be seen and heard in regards to mental and physical health while inspiring the real change needed for the future  of women's health! Her past involvement as a board member of the Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta and VP Events for the Interdisciplinary Women’s Health Association gave her the opportunity to volunteer her time and skills to furthering conversation, fundraising, and awareness for women’s health and gain valuable experience she carries into her current ventures.

As a driven student Charlotte's academic ventures have been an important keystone in her life; graduating high school as co-valedictorian and following her dreams of pursuing an Earth and Atmospheric science degree at a top school in the nation, University of Alberta, Charlotte has persevered in spite of her PMDD and chronic health struggles, and aims to show other women they can to!  She lives by her motto 'why not me' and speaks out to inspire 'why not you too', that anyone can soar to their dreams no matter their circumstances. Once she completes her degree April 2024 Charlotte is pursuing nursing school to further her aspirations in women's health

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My advocacy

Charlotte's Women's Health Hub

During her reign as Miss Queen Alberta, Charlotte was inspired to found 'Charlotte's Women's Health Hub',  her blog style platform which aims to create a central 'hub' for all things women's health, from resources, to women's stories, to tips and advice and beyond. When building CWHH Charlotte really wanted to create the resource her 15 year old self needed. What set's CWHH apart is its personal component, Charlotte shares her own story and uplifts other women's words. CWHH also shares many medical and naturopathic resources and information. Charlotte has felt the positive impact of journaling and now creates and shares free downloadable self-growth worksheets to help women become their best selves! CWHH is about all dimensions of health including mental, physical, emotional, occupational and social. Charlotte is aiming to create real change in women's health by positively impacting each reader and growing CWHH to an international scale.



High Tea Fundraiser

Come join Miss Personality Canada for an elegant afternoon in support of a great cause. Enjoy delicious treats, performances, speakers and more at Miss Personality Canada'sHigh Tea for Women's Healthfundraiser event! Enjoy a selection of teas, coffee, finger sandwiches, and pastries while learning about important topics related to women's health. This in-person event will be held at The Foundry in Downtown Edmonton,10526 Jasper Ave. Don't miss out on the event of the summer!




I am offering pageant mentoring! Winning both provincial and national titles with Personality Pageants Canada, I have honed my pageant skills and gained vast knowledge of how to succeed. I have won the Miss Queen Alberta 2023 and Miss Personality Canada 2023 titles as well as Miss Congeniality and the Social Media award at PPCA Nationals 2023. I want to share my extensive experience and knowledge to help you develop a plan and hone your skills to make your dreams a reality. All proceeds from my mentoring contribute to my overarching mental health fundraising campaign.



Mental Health Fundraiser

I am currently running my fundraising initiative to support mental health in youth across Canada by partnering with Sophia Lia Magazine. All donations will be allocated towards putting Sophia Lia Mag into schools in the Edmonton community, Alberta and across the country. Sophia Lia Mag is a mental health and wellness magazine dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental health and starting conversations. Getting these magazines into schools makes mental health resources accessible to everyone! I have even been published sharing my own mental health experience in the magazine. Check out my story and support this fundraiser below!



I have dreamed of representing Canada since I was a little girl and since receiving this incredible opportunity in August of 2023 my life has completely changed. I knew since the crown touched my head the impact, connection and legacy I wanted to leave with my time as the reigning Miss Personality Canada, and being nominated for this award I am overflowing with gratitude that my peers celebrate the heart I have poured into this past year with me. I have chased my goals and experienced photoshoots, speaking at an elementary school, being published in a magazine, appearing at festivals, fundraising, hosting workshops, mentoring, launching my merch, being on the news and so many more special memories, accomplishments and connections. I am thankful to have been able to share this journey with my community in over 500 posts on social media. This year has been nothing short of transformational. Thank you for this recognition and a piece of my heart will forever be Miss Personality Canada.



Any fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

Yes! Some fun facts about me include:

  • I love animals and have a pet guinea pig named Zipper
  • I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, or swiftie, my favorite album is 'Lover'
  • I LOVE fancy coffee, you can often find me getting work done with a Chai latte in hand
  • I grew up skiing and love to hit the slopes every winter
  • I love karaoke! My go to song is 'Our Song' by Taylor Swift and yes I do a little country twang
  • I am passionate about social media, curating a beautiful feed, editing photos and recording videos to share with my community are some of my favorite pastimes

Can you tell us about some of the actions you've taken for your platform?


  • Creating and launching the CWHH website to serve as a hub for women's health resources
  • Presidency of the  Stollery Youth Committee to lead and make direct positive impact in children affected by health issues
  •  Creating connections for diverse voices to be shared on CWHH
  • Many custom free printable self-growth and wellness worksheets released, and planned to release on CWHH to help women work towards their best self
  • Holding a VP Position with the Interdisciplinary Women's Health Association and helping create and host the first annual 'Women's Health Week' in 2023
  • Planning both virtual and in person fundraisers to raise money for mental health in schools across Canada

What is your favourite area of competition?

Onstage question!

What's next for you in pageantry?

I am currently preparing for Miss Personality International! My aim in vying for the international title is to expand my philanthropic platform and inspire young women to aspire to their dreams. I have an extensive plan for my reign, including a calendar year of plans for community involvement and platform development - and a huge project I have already been developing behind the scenes! I have had the opportunity to refine my skills and my goals as a titleholder with my provincial and national titles and it has been a remarkable experience in preparing for an international pageant. I am organized, ambitious, visioned and personable. I have spent the past two years preparing to bringing my fullest potential to an international title to create transformational change across the globe. I have admired pageant women since I was a little girl and being able to have that impact on other little girls like me is my dream come true.

What advice would you give someone hoping to become your successor?

Make the most of every moment! Take this time to get to know yourself and grow. Being a titleholder is an amazing accomplishment you should be proud of and that should reaffirm your direction, passion and drive! You absolutely can do anything! While it can be overwhelming at times, you have earned an incredible opportunity to make change! Cherish every minute, work hard and be yourself because you earned this, you can do this. You make the crown! 

Book Me!

Making community appearances as Miss Personality Canada is a huge priority for me. I aim to create authentic connections within Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada. I am outgoing, enthusiastic and excited to create connections and would love to be a part of your event! Whether as a host, speaker, or other volunteer roles, I am happy to attend and contribute to your event while proudly wearing my crown and sash. I am happy to host a workshop, talk, or lead an assembly about a multitude of topics including women's health, confidence, perseverance or something specially catered to your event!

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I am very active on my social medias! Aiming to create connections across the country and expand my positive impact globally. I create content that is authentic, unique and fun! Follow me to stay up to date with my daily life, pageant endeavors, projects and more. 


Being Miss Queen Alberta truly changed my life. It made my dreams into reality. Catapulted my confidence, self assurance and internal happiness. It brought me experiences, friendships, and opportunities beyond what I could have imagined. It inspired me to pursue my passion for women’s health, pushed me to improve my skills for nationals, encouraged me to make the most of every day and, most remarkably, showed myself how capable and amazing I am. It was the thing that made me feel like me again after feeling lost and untethered. As my first title this will always mean so much to me and hold a special place in my heart. My experience as a provincial titleholder was monumental in achieving my dream of being Miss Personality Canada. 

Thank you so much for checking out my page and I hope you had fun getting to know me! I am so excited to continue my year as Miss Personality Canada and journey to the Miss Personality International crown. I would love to have you join me on this experience by following my social medias.
I am on a mission to make positive impact across Canada and the world. I am so ecstatic to make Canada proud on the international stage.

With love,

Miss Personality Canada 2023

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