Regional Canadian Titleholder

Age: 20 | Location: Montreal, Quebec

Clara Chemtov is a dance student from Montréal. She attends York University to continue on her path of becoming a professional dancer. She’s passionate about using art to address social issues and aims to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. On top of dancing, she is an avid musician and is always looking for ways to combine her love for these two art forms. She sings, composes, and plays the flute in her free time. Clara is also interested in journalism and activism. She has written articles about eating disorders for several magazines and uses her social media presence to raise awareness for mental health-related issues.

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my advocacy

I advocate for eating disorders awareness and education. After starting recovery from an eating disorder, I wanted to share my journey and bring light to these illnesses, so that less people would have the same isolating experience as I did. To promote this cause, I use my social media presence, write magazine articles, speak on local news outlets, and speak with groups. Most recently, I have been working with dance nutritionists to write a document on how to address disordered eating in dance education environments.