Katelyn Lonson

Age: 16 | Location: Redcliff, Alberta | 2X Titleholder

Katelyn Lonson is a 16-year-old girl from Redcliff, a small town outside Medicine Hat in Southern Alberta. Katelyn is going into her senior year of High school and looks forward to studying Forensic Psychology in post-secondary school. Katelyn started competing in the Personality Pageants Canada system in March of 2022, winning the title of "Miss Teen Personality Alberta 2022". She was later crowned “ Miss Teen Personality Western Canada.” Katelyn throughout pageantry takes pride in being authentic and transparent on social media and in person. This transparency has motivated Katelyn to continue sharing her platform “invisibly me” and sharing her struggles of navigating the healthcare system and breaking barriers on how adolescent patients are treated.

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Miss Teen Personality Western Canada 2022 & 2023

“When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras” is a common phrase taught to medical students meaning that it is more common for a patient to have a common condition than a rare complex disorder or disease leading to potential misdiagnosis. With my personal experience with the realities of living with childhood illness, I have used my experience to become an advocate for those with childhood illnesses. I continue to share my story about my challenges in the healthcare system and break barriers on how adolescent patients are treated. I look forward to continuing to teach staff in schools about the challenges of completing school well chronically ill. I also forward to speaking to medical professionals about not dismissing young patients based on their appearance and to continuing to work together with organisations in communities around me in support of patient care.

Katelyn Lonson

Teen Americas 2023

Congratulations Katelyn for placing 1st Runner Up at Miss Teen Personality Americas 2023!

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