Lulu Li

Vancouver, British Columbia, Age 18

Platform: Advocating for social justice in global education. Helping unprivileged kids receive equal rights to education.

 As the founder of Warm Heart of Africa (WHoA) Club and the coordinator of TEUX Education Foundation, we believe that education is a catalyst for change that can inspire students to champion their ambitions.

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With a diverse range of talents and passions, Lulu is not only an accomplished photographer and artist but also a dedicated leader and advocate for social change. Since Grade 9, Lulu has been actively involved in promoting social justice in global education. She founded the WHoA club, which raised over $6000 to provide computers and books for underprivileged children at Mercy High School in Malawi. Recognizing the importance of education, Lulu joined the TEUX Education Foundation as a coordinator, aiming to empower lower-income students with new opportunities.

 In addition to her global efforts, Lulu is a dedicated member of her local community, having served as the Student Council Clubs Representative, Official Lord Byng Photographer, and the TEDx Photographer. She has fundraised over 1000 cans of food for the Vancouver food bank and amassed an impressive 400 hours of community service, earning accolades such as the Lord Byng Award and the Gold Pin Service Award. Lulu's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities has led her to run for Miss Teen Personality Canada; where she hopes to raise awareness about education, cultural understanding, and positive change.

 As she embarks on her journey at UBC Sauder School of Business this September, Lulu remains determined to make a positive impact and create a better future for all.

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