National Queen

Age: 21 | Location: Black Diamond, Alberta | 2X Titleholder

Kealey Atkinson is an ambitious twenty-one year old from the small town of Black Diamond, Alberta. Her close access to the mountains, lakes, valleys, and rivers has instilled a deep appreciation of nature in her. Her other interests include dancing, writing, volunteering, and fundraising - twice a year she runs a flower fundraiser for the Southern Alberta Kidney Foundation and her local health trust. Finding creative ways to support amazing causes through her interests makes the experience even more fulfilling. Kealey is currently in her third year of university, and is working towards a degree in chemical engineering. Through her studies to date, she has learned more valuable life lessons than anything. There is no “right” way to achieve your goals, what you have in the end is more important than the journey there. The challenges faced along the way teach resilience, so long as you continue forward.

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