Payton Maffioli

Grand Forks BC, age 19

Platform: Environmental protection and Indigenous awareness

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Payton Roselea Maffioli is a 19 year old college student studying Recreation Fish and Wildlife, and is working towards a Master’s in Environmental Law. She grew up in the small city of Grand Forks and graduated with many awards including the Citizenship Award and Leadership Award. Raised on an acreage, she was surrounded by animal friends including her dog, cat, and chickens. She loves to be outdoors and some of her favourite hobbies are hiking, golfing, curling, painting, singing, fashion designing, and volunteering. She coaches youth teams of all ages in dance, curling and even soccer! Payton wants to be a strong role model for young people and advocates for environmental protection and Indigenous rights. She attends environmental campaigns and Indigenous events and represent on behalf of the youth, her most recent project is a petition she created to end the wolf cull in British Columbia! Payton is an up and coming leader who aspires to inspire!

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