Puneet Chhina

Burlington, Ontario, age 19

Platform: Advocate for all the young adults who struggle with mental health.

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Puneet Chhina is a student studying psychology and neuroscience who decided to do something she has never done before, so she decided that taking part in something like a pageant would be an amazing experience for her. She dreams of making an impact on young adults who struggle with mental health issues. Her goal in life is to become a physician and become Dr. World! Puneet loves music! She spends almost all her time singing and listening to music. She also is an avid reader who always has an endless list of books to read! She is excited for this journey that awaits this summer! 

My platform is to advocate for young girls as well as women who struggle with mental health as well as daily things that every woman goes through. I work with the Haldimand PCFC in providing women with everything they need for when they become pregnant, provide young girls with amazing camps where they can learn about themselves and are also provided tools and information that helps them become the best versions of themselves.  

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