Puneet, a 20 year old student majoring in Human Behaviour at McMaster University, passionately doubles as a Mental Health advocate. Motivated by her personal journey with mental health challenges, she actively promotes awareness within her community. Puneet's academic focus has deepened her commitment, fueling her determination to create a platform that not only destigmatizes mental health but also fosters understanding and support.

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Embracing her many hobbies, Puneet finds joy in singing, reading, and contributing to local organizations through volunteering. Intrigued by the Personality Pageants Canada’s Instagram page, she seized the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and participate in a pageant for the first time. Drawn to PPCA's mission of embracing one's authentic self, Puneet saw this as an ideal chance to integrate her years of volunteering at food banks and health clinics into a meaningful platform.

Inspired by her passion for mental health awareness, Puneet collaborated with the Haldimand Pregnancy Care and Family Centre to initiate a summer camp. This unique program not only engages girls in creative crafts but also imparts essential life skills. The camp focuses on cultivating healthy relationships, navigating school-related stressors, and fostering a comprehensive understanding of mental health. By combining her newfound pageant experience with her dedication to community service, Puneet strives to make a positive impact and promote the importance of mental well-being.

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After being crowned Miss Teen Personality Canada, she decided to create a newsletter that would allow her platform to reach a wider audience, and with that, The Thriving Minds Chronicles was born! The newsletter is your digital compass for curated contend on mental health, self-discovery, and the pursuit of a thriving life! The Thriving Minds Chronicles bring you articles that explore the science of positivity, stress management guides for navigating challenges, and conversations about breaking down mental health stigmna. Exciting news coming soon! Puneet is teaming up with a local news outlet for a new project, in hopes to expand her impact! Stay tuned for more details!




Puneet firmly believes in the importance of balancing hard work with moments of enjoyment. Collaborating with Megan, former Miss Queen Teen Alberta, they ventured into the creation of the Queens of the Mic Podcast! This podcast dives into pop culture topics and explores the captivating world of pageantry. Listeners are treated to a lively and fun conversation, just like eavesdropping on the banter between two best friends. Puneet's passion for both fun and creativity finds expression in this project, and she couldn't be happier to share the podcasting adventure with her pageant BFF. 



Any fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

  • I am obsessed with reading. I average about 150+ books a year! (check out my reading instagram if interested @puneetreads)
  • I love Selena Gomez! She has been my favourite celebrities since I was young and watching Wizards of Waverly Place! Coincidently, a Selena Gomez song was playing when I got crowned!
  • I love to sing! My go to karaoke song is Valerie by Amy Winehouse (which was also the song I sang at nationals)! 
  • My favourite colour, since I was a kid, has always been and always will be PINK!

Can you tell us about some of the actions you've taken for your platform?

  • Conducting an immersive week-long summer camp dedicated to engaging conversations and activities centered around mental health awareness!
  • Crafting a specialized mental health-focused newsletter that provides readers with valuable insights and strategies for navigating and overcoming mental health challenges.
  • I've had the privilege of visiting numerous schools to share my personal journey, emphasizing the significance of mental health and guiding students on prioritizing their mental well-being. Additionally, our discussions have extended to addressing bullying issues and discussing the pivotal role kindness plays in fostering a positive and supportive school environment.
  • I actively contribute as a member of my school's Hope for Success Club, dedicated to easing the transition for students entering university. Our mission involves providing support and resources to ensure a smoother and more successful adjustment to the university environment.
  • I have accumulated over 100 volunteer hours across various health clinics, demonstrating my commitment to contributing to community well-being and gaining valuable hands-on experience in healthcare settings.
  • More projects are in the works, so stay tuned for further updates and exciting news!

What is your favourite area of competition?


What's next for you in pageantry?

I'm thrilled to say that I'll be competing in an International Pageant. It's a dream I never thought I'd have the chance to pursue, and thanks to Personality Pageants, it's now becoming a reality.

What advice would you give someone hoping to become your successor?

The most valuable piece of advice I can share is to wholeheartedly and authentically be yourself. There is a beauty in showcasing the genuine, unfiltered version of who you are. 

Let your authentic self shine brightly throughout this journey. Your genuine presence is what we cherish, and it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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I am genuinely honored to consider making an appearance in my community, especially at events hosted in the Greater Toronto Area. As a charismatic individual with a knack for public speaking, I am more than willing to contribute through speeches, presentations, or simply by volunteering and assisting at your event. My passion for community involvement makes it a genuine privilege for me! 

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