Shantae Morris

Edmonton Alberta, age 21

Platform: Teaching self care skills and giving opportunities to turn their skills into businesses.

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Shantae Morris is a 21-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for learning. With what started as a DIY project at the mini desk in the corner of her bedroom became her full-time profession nearly two years later. Her business and passion for self-care became her platform to educate and empower young women such as herself to turn their art, talents, and passions into their life’s work.

Shantae currently attends Grant Macewan University with the intention of pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Her future academic ambitions include attending medical school and conducting cancer research.
With herself as an example, Shantae hopes to use her platform as a gateway to connect with others in her community to communicate the importance and benefits of self-care. She also aspires to create a forum that welcomes young entrepreneurs and provides resources to help them build successful business.

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