Calgary Alberta, age 19

Platform: My platform is WEE, a powerful movement dedicated to empowering women through entrepreneurship, equality, and engagement, while providing the resources necessary for their economic empowerment.

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Sriya Peruka, a trailblazing business student at the University of Calgary, is a beacon of inspiration in the world of pageantry. A fervent advocate for women's empowerment, she founded the platform WEE, driven by a deep-rooted desire to uplift women globally. Having witnessed the detrimental effects of patriarchy and the lack of resources, Sriya's mission is to create awareness and foster change. Outside the pageant realm, she finds solace in the great outdoors, hiking mountains and exploring parks with her loyal canine companion. Her resilience shines through, having navigated through 11 school transitions, fueling her determination to make a lasting impact.

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