Harlow Maddex

Red Deer Alberta, Age 16

Platform: Resilience in women

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Harlow is a current student at Notre Dame, and she is going into her grade 12 year and graduating one semester early. Harlow plans on taking a yoga instructor course in her extra time this coming up year, and moving forward she plans on going to university to be an X-ray technician. Originally harlow joined this personality pageant to learn more about what pageants are all about, to meet new girls & to grow her confidence levels. Now she is very determined in representing and promoting her platform of resilience in women. As she has experienced some life challenges that have made her learn to stay persistent and resilient in those times of not fully achieving what she may have desired to achieve. She loves helping young girls gain more confidence and a better understanding that they can use their voices and they are capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. Harlow Will continue to promote her platform and speak publicly to girls everywhere. 

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